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Offline Devices

This article provides some guidance on what to do when one or more of your VOLO controllers is offline.

Typical Behaviour

VOLO Controllers are designed to be live and online at all times. In reality, there are many factors which can impact the product's ability to connect and remain online permanently:

  • Mobile network availability
  • Mobile network outages
  • Mobile network maintenance
  • Mobile network 'traffic' (periods of high demand on local cell towers)
  • Local network outages
  • Local network configuration changes
  • Firmware bugs (from time to time!)

With all of these factors (and more), it is challenging for any device to maintain a live connection 100% of the time. So, VOLO is designed to maintain a live connection for as long as possible and, if it is interrupted for any reason, to reestablish that connection as soon as it can.

You should expect to see your VOLO controllers online continuously for days at a time with no problems when conditions are good. In more challenging locations (poor or intermittent mobile network signal) you could see controllers disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times per day.

An offline controller will continue to operate as normal on site - nobody will be locked out

The VOLO system is designed with these connection disruptions in mind, and you should be able to seamlessly continue any administrative changes you are making in the VOLO website, without concern. These changes will be synchronised with the controllers as soon as they reconnect to the cloud.

When is Offline a problem?

Although some brief periods of controllers being offline is understandable and does not cause serious disruption, there are times when some remedial action is required. Any devices that are offline for extended periods of time (multiple hours or days) are unlikely to be offline due to intermittent signal or any other temporary issue. If this is the case, please review the articles shared, below, for either Modem or Network device connectivity issues.

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