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High Volume of Events

This article provides some guidance on what to do when one or more of your VOLO controllers has been flagged as generating an unusually high number of events.

Typical Behaviour

The event traffic generated by a controller is dependent on a number of factors and so can vary significantly:

  • Usage/Foot traffic - how frequently are people attempting access or opening & closing the door?
  • Are both doors in use on the controller?
  • Are the General Purpose Inputs & Outputs being used?
  • Is the site open and in use 24 hours a day?

When is it a problem?

Usually, when a controller is flagged as generating 'too many' events it is because of an ACU Bus wiring problem. If not wired up correctly, it is possible for a Master and collection of Expansion controllers to get into a constant loop of resetting the connections between themselves.

In this case, please refer to the ACU Bus Document.