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Power Cycle


Any form of power cycle will result in doors managed by the controller being inaccessible for a short time. Please take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of people on site and/or that any critical areas can be accessed.

What does a Power Cycle do?

A Power Cycle simply restarts the controller - nothing is erased or changed in terms of configuration settings or locally stored events. We are simply "turning it off and on again".

When should I use it?

It is necessary to power cycle controllers while using the installer tool - the software will ask you to power cycle them from time to time in order to read or update configuration settings.

Other than that, power cycling can be used to resolve all manner of minor issues and so when experiencing problems with connectivity, or anything - you may be asked to power cycle the controller to see if this fixes the problem.

Should I perform a Power Cycle locally or remotely?

Remote Power Cycles are convenient but are also a software feature - the controller never fully goes through a power cycle but the software restarts which can often have the same benefits as power cycling.

A local Power Cycle may resolve issues that a remote Power Cycle does not, so in this scenario a local Power Cycle is better.