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VOLO Notifications Centre

There are some health and operational situations which result in a notification being created within the VOLO website. If there are any outstanding notifications, these will be displayed at various levels throughout the VOLO Website.

  • At the Customers view
  • At the Sites view

Pending notifications will be displayed as a blue circle with a speech bubble within it and this will be displayed alongside the other icons relating to a Customer or Site (e.g. Details, Events, etc.)

Notification Types

At the time of writing this article, there are 2 types of notification that may be displayed in this way:

  1. Firmware Update available
  2. PSU Fail

Firmware Update Available

This notification is displayed once for each Controller within the Customer or Site which is NOT running the latest, full release of firmware for that device type (Master or Expansion).

This usually means that the firmware running on the highlighted controllers is out of date and should be updated in order to access the latest features and bug fixes.


This notification will also be displayed if you have controllers running BETA firmware versions. This will only be the case if KMC or Gendis have been in touch with you directly to request that some of your sites take part in a BETA trial.

You will know this is the case if the 'latest' firmware version is lower in value than the version already running on your devices.

PSU Fail

This notification is generated when a PSU Fail event is raised by one of your controllers.

We understand that, sometimes, an event being raised might be missed or lost amongst the other, regular event traffic generated by the system. So this notification is used as to flag, more prominently, that a device has experienced a power outage and may need to be investigated.


A device may experience a power outage briefly and then recover but the PSU Fail notification will still be displayed. This is to ensure that any power related issues are not overlooked - the notification will remain visible until it is dismissed by an Operator.