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Using the Installer Tool

The Installer Tool is a device included with every master controller and is used for a variety of configuration tasks:

  • Updating firmware (this is also possible over the air, but it is faster when done directly using the Installer Tool)
  • Selecting a communication mode (Auto, Modem or Ethernet)
  • Viewing device details (serial number, firmware version, etc.)
  • Setting static IP details if required

Additionally, there is software application which can be downloaded from the Help page in the VOLO website.

Using the Installer Tool

When you first attach the installer tool via USB to your PC, it is expected that the drivers will install themselves and be ready for operation momentarily.

Windows should notify you once you have connected the installer tool using the pop up window in the bottom right of your PC desktop.

Device Drivers

Should the drivers fail to install then you can visit the FTDI website and download the latest VCP drivers.


It is critical that the USB installer tool is correctly aligned when plugin into the header of the PCB, it should cover both rows and sit comfortably over the 6 pins. The tool should be placed so that the USB cable is exiting the cabinet from the left-hand side as shown in the picture below.

Installer Tool

Make sure you have the Installer Tool software installed.


Always ensure you have the latest version of the Installer Tool software installed - this will come packaged with the latest stable release of firmware.

  1. Power down the controller you are working with
  2. Remove the wiring label and then connect the Installer Tool to the controller
  3. Connect the USB cable to this adapter and to your PC or laptop

You are now ready to start the configuration process.

Start the Installer Tool software.

Device Drivers

Click on the settings and select the COM port that your PC or laptop has assigned to this device. The drop-down box lists all available COM ports.


You can check this in Device Manager on your PC/laptop.

Now, click on 'View Device Details' and then on the 'Get Details' button.

Follow the instructions by power cycling the controller.


When the controllers start up, they check to see if there are any configuration instructions from the Installer Tool. If there are, the controller will process them but if not it jumps straight into the main application.

This is why you need to power cycle the controller each time you issue another instruction from the Installer Tool

Device Drivers

You do not need to do anything with this information at present but should you lose the wiring label and need to obtain the serial number and activation code or need this information for talking to support