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Installer Dashboard

The Installer Dashboard provides a variety of metrics and suggested action items to help ensure your VOLO installations are operating correctly and that they are well maintained.

Installer Dashboard

This article will explain the various sections of the dashboard, how to interpret them and help explain when action is required.

Dashboard Scope

Firstly, a quick note to highlight that you can change the scope of the dashboard to show information relating to your entire account (i.e. All Customers), or you can select one of your Customers to review the status of the VOLO equipment exclusively on their sites.

This can be done using the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen.

Key Metrics

This section of the dashboard highlights a few key metrics in graphical form. Each of the charts are described below, along with how you should interpret them and what actions should be taken.

Device Status

This chart simply highlights whether your VOLO controllers are online or offline.

Device Status

For any offline devices, you should refer to the Offline Devices troubleshooting page.

Connection Status

This chart highlights whether your VOLO controllers are using their primary method of communication or if they have reverted to the backup/secondary method.

Connection Status

For more information on this, please refer to the Connection Type & Connection Mode article.

Firmware Versions

These charts show the firmware versions in use across your estate of VOLO controllers.

Firmware Versions

  • The red bars indicate the controllers that are using out of date firmware. These should be updated when possible.
  • The green bars indicate the controllers that are using the latest, stable firmware. No action is required with these.
  • The amber bars indicate controllers that are using BETA firmware.

You will only see BETA firmware within your estate of VOLO controllers if you have discussed this with us and agreed to participate in BETA testing.

This will usually occur, for example, when we are working on fixing a specific bug that you have been involved in identifying

For more information, please review the Firmware Updates article.

Actionable Items

The items listed in this section are intended to be a traffic light system for you to identify any areas within your VOLO estate that require maintenance or other action.

Actionable Items

Ideally, all items displayed here will be green (indicating that no action is required). However, anything in the red or amber section should be reviewed and potentially acted upon accordingly.

Items Requiring Urgent Action

Anything displaying in this section suggests that the system is either not fully functional or there is some element of risk. For example:

  • Offline Devices - this will require investigating and fixing
  • Sites with Conflicts - this implies that some recent changes have not been synchronised with the controllers
  • Devices in Lock Down - one or more sites have been put into the emergency lock down state and this has not been released

Non-Urgent Items Requiring Action

These items are highlighted for review. Some may require action and others are purely for information, only.

  • Out of date devices - the firmware should be updated, but this is not urgent if you do not require any of the updated features or bug fixes
  • Operators not accepting Ts & Cs - this highlights that some operators have never logged in and perhaps they do not need access to the system
  • Connection Status (Modem) - these controllers are configured to use Auto Connection Mode, but they are connecting using the modem. This could indicate a problem with the network on site.

Items With Zero Issues

These are all of the items where no action is required - ideally everything will appear in this section in a well maintained account.

General Information

This section provides you with some basic metrics about your account or the Customer account you have selected.

General Info