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Firmware Update

As with most modern devices, there are times when we release updates to the firmware of VOLO controllers. It is recommended that you use the latest released version of firmware at all times - this will ensure that you have the latest features abd bug fixes.


When there is a firmware update available to one or more of your controllers, they will be highlighted to you in the VOLO Notifications Centre.

How to Update Firmware

There are two methods of updating the controller firmware, which are described below.


Please note that updating the firmware includes a Hardware Reset. This causes all configuration data to be erased from the controller and then sent back down - this will result in the controller being non-functional for a period of time.

Local Update - Using the Installer Tool

It is possible to update the firmware using the VOLO Installer Tool.

When a new firmware version is available, the installer tool software download will also be updated to contain the latest firmware. Once downloaded and installed, you should follow the instructions found on the Installer Tool page (linked above) and then select the 'Update Firmware' option.


This will be the fastest method of updating the firmware, but requires that you connect directly to the controller.

Remote Update - Using the VOLO Website

Alternatively, you can update the controller firmware remotely, through the VOLO website.


This process takes longer but allows you to update the firmware without attending site.

This can be initiated through the VOLO Notifications Centre.