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Antenna Placement

Signal Strength Test

A signal strength test will help you find the best location for your antenna. This can be done on your phone, using an app or with a dedicated device. Make sure to check the correct network technology (2G for devices installed before 2024 or 4G & 2G otherwise). 3 or 4 bars on a 4-bar display would be recommended.

Signal Strength

The Antenna

The antenna has a self-adhesive back, to allow you to secure it to a surface quickly and easily. Clean the surface before securing the antenna and make sure the location and surface are suitable.


Do not affix the antenna to metal objects or surfaces - this will negatively impact the performance. Additionally, you should avoid placing the antenna in any environments with excessive electrical noise.

Installation Options

In areas with good signal strength, the antenna can be mounted within the VOLO cabinet. We recommend locating it away from the internal PSU to minimise any electrical noise interference.

Antenna Cabinet Location

The antenna can also be located outside the VOLO cabinet, giving you more flexibility when finding the position with the best signal strength.

Antenna Orientation

The VOLO antenna should be mounted vertically with the cable coming out horizontally, as shown.

Antenna Orientation