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Barred Users

Barring a user is a quick way of fully revoking someone's access to any and all doors across the system.

This behaves differently to making changes to the user's access level or removing the access level in one key way - The controllers maintain a record of the user and their credentials so that a specific Event can be raised if they attempt to gain access:

Access Denied - Barred User: Dean Kernot

So the main reasons for making use of this feature are:

  1. A very quick way of fully revoking a user's access to any/all doors
  2. A specific Event is raised when a barred user attempts to gain access, allowing very specific notifications to be configured and sent under these circumstances

What Next?

Once a user has been barred, their access to all Doors across all Sites will be revoked.


Revoking access requires controllers to be online. Offline devices will be updated to revoke the user's access once they come back online.

This could result in there being a period of time after barring the user where they can still access some doors.

This user record will remain on the VOLO system until they are deleted by an Operator with the relevant permissions.

Although there is a benefit in retaining this record in the short term, to ensure that a barred user does not continue to attempt to gain access, we do not recommend keeping them in the system indefinitely - this may not comply with your GDPR policies.