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Users with High Activity Report

This report provides a list of the users with the most access events occurring over the last 1,000,000 events in the system. The report will review all users within a Customer account and will return the top 25 users (the 25 users with the most access events).

An access event is any record in the system which can be linked to a user - for example:

  • Access Denied
  • Access Granted
  • Lost Token Access Denied
  • Barred User Access Denied

This report could highlight where users are sharing their access credentials, which would appear in the report as the owner of the credential having an unusually high number of access events when compared to other users in the system.

The Access Level assigned to the user is included in the report to make it easier to identify and exclude any engineers who might be highlighted as 'Users with High Activity'.

Input parameters

No Input parameters are required for this report.

Report Format

This report provides an output similar to the table shown below.

User IDFirst NameLast NameAccess LevelAccess Event CountReport Start DateReport End Date
1DeanKernotEngineers - Full Access5432022-03-012022-06-01