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Site Audit Report

This report provides a variety of data on all sites belonging to a specific Customer.

Input parameters

Customer IDSelect the Customer whose sites you wish to audit - this report will provide data on all sites for the Customer.

Only Installer operators must select a Customer account. When Customer operators execute this report, it will be restricted to their account, so there is no need to select one.

Report Format

This report provides an output similar to the table shown below.

Site NameSite CodeController NameSerial NumberController TypeController Firmware VersionController Licence Expiration DateSIM Licence Expiration Date
Example Site 1Ex-1My Controller1234567Master Controller3.13.42025-12-312025-12-31
Example Site 1Ex-1My Expansion Controller7654321Expansion Controller3.12.42100-01-012100-01-01
Second Example SiteEx-2My Second Controller9871235Master Controller3.13.22021-12-312021-12-31

If a controller doesn't have a Licence, the report will show the expiration date as 2100-01-01.