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Door Activity Report

This report provides a log of all access events (granted or denied) for the selected door within the specified date range.

Input parameters

Start DateThe report will capture access events which occurred on or after this date.
End DateThe report will capture access event which occurred before this date.
Door IDThe door whose activity you would like to review.

Report Format

This report provides an output similar to the table shown below.

Door NameAlarm NameTimeFirst NameLast Name
Front DoorAccess Granted2022-01-01 08:30:00DeanKernot
Front DoorDoor Unlocked2022-01-01 08:30:01
Front DoorDoor Opened2022-01-01 08:30:03
Front DoorDoor Closed2022-01-01 08:30:07
Front DoorDoor Locked2022-01-01 08:30:08
Front DoorExit Button Pressed2022-01-01 08:40:02
Front DoorExit Button Released2022-01-01 08:40:02
Front DoorDoor Exit Button Unlocked2022-01-01 08:40:02
Front DoorDoor Opened2022-01-01 08:40:04
Front DoorDoor Closed2022-01-01 08:40:07
Front DoorDoor Locked2022-01-01 08:40:07