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VOLO provides a variety of reports that can be run on-demand, or they can be configured to run on a schedule and emailed to you and other stakeholders as needed.

Accessing Reports

The VOLO reports can be found through the 'Settings' page (click on 'Settings' on the navigation menu at the top of the page.). From here, you should see the 'Reports' and 'Scheduled Reports' options in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the website.


If you cannot access the 'Settings' page or the 'Reports' pages then you may not have permission to do so. Speak with your system administrator if you think you should have access to these features.

Available Reports

Access Level AuditLists out all Access Levels and their rules (doors and timezones)
Access Level Usage ReviewFor a specific access level, gives an indication of how much each door within the access level is used
Basic Muster ReportGives a snapshot of the last known location of every user on site on the day of running the report
Door ActivityProvides all event activity linked to the selected door, between the selected dates
Site Audit (Firmware & Licences)Lists out all sites and controllers, providing firmware and licence information
TimesheetProvides a detailed timesheet based on the clock-in reader, clock-out reader and dates selected
Timesheet by User GroupProvides the same output as the Timesheet report, but restricted to Users within the selected User Group
2-Week Timesheet Summary by User GroupProvides a timesheet based on the first clock-in and last clock-out each day over a 2-week period
User Group Timesheet SummaryProvides a timesheet based on the first clock-in and last clock-out each day, between the selected dates
User ActivityProvides all activity linked to the selected user, between the selected dates
Users with High ActivityProvides the users with highest activity levels (top 25)
Unused Tokens in last 1m EventsLists out all access credentials (tokens/cards) that have not been seen within the last 1 million events
Unused Tokens by User GroupLists out tokens that have not been seen, but restricted to those belonging to users within the selected User Group