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SIM Licences

VOLO SIM Licences are required for each VOLO modem you have deployed in your estate.

What is the licence for?

The licence and associated fee entitles the product owner to use cellular networks to connect their VOLO controller to the VOLO cloud.

This is not essential, but if you wish to use the VOLO modem either as the primary method of communication or as an automatic fail over, then you must have a SIM licence.

What happens if my licence expires?

When a VOLO SIM licence expires, there is no impact on any of your controllers or your ability to configure and interact with them provided that your controller has a working Ethernet/Local network connection.

If you allow your SIM licence to expire, the SIM card will be automatically suspended, and you will not be able to use the VOLO modem to connect to the VOLO cloud.

If you renew the licence or attach a new licence to the controller in the VOLO system, then the SIM will be reactivated.